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Train of Death Chapter 3

Blog May 11 1. What happened to kids who are arrested? 2. How did his mom leaving Enrique impact his behavior? What did he do? 3. What happened to Enrique on some of his failed attempts? 4. What was the "golden letter" and what was its purpose?  

The Other Wes Moore Chapter 8

Blog May 11 Answer in complete sentences. The Other Wes Moore 1.Do you think race was a factor in the jury's decision to convict the other Wes Moore? 2. Do you think life without parole is a fair punishment for their crime? Explain. 3.Do you

Chapter 2

Blog May 10 Answer the following questions in complete sentences! 1. What was the "Dirty War"? 2. What made Nazario want to become a reporter? 3. Who are the "forgotten people?"

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