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The Other Wes Moore Chapter 6

Blog 4 days ago 1. After Wes gets out of jail for attempted murder, does he change and stay out of trouble? Explain. 2. How does military school transform Wes? 3. Why were Wes and Dalio attacked? 4.  After being attacked, Wes convinces Dalio they need to take a different r

Should College Athletes be paid for playing?

Blog Apr 11 1.  How do you think our debate went today?  How could it have been better? 2.  What good points did people say during the debate? 3.  Did you feel swayed to change your position?  Why or why not? 4.  How well do you think you performed

George Springer Overcomes Stuttering

Lesson Plans Dec 21 From Scholastic article December 11, 2017

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