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Welcome Back Everyone!

Welcome back everyone! Here is the supply list for my classes:

***Algebra 1: Periods 2, and 3*** Pencils and/or pens (blue or black ink) *one 2 inch 3-ring binder,  scientific calculator (have one at home for homework) *8 AAA batteries

***Geometry Period 4***Claculator, Spiral Notebook, 3 ring binder, pen/pencis 

***7th Grade Math: Periods 1, 5 & 6*** Pencils and/or pens (blue or black ink) Calculators are provided for this class

Mathcounts 2017-2018

If you like solving challenging math problems this is the club for you. All grades levels are welcome. Come join the fun! This year practices are Wednesday after school from 1:30 to 4:00 PM

Periods 2 and 3 Chapter 10 Quiz 1 Study Guides

News 3 days ago Solutinos provided here  code: ZINNEN

Chapter 9 Quiz 1 Study Guide and Solutions

News Mar 1 There are two documents 1. Study Guide contains six blank sheets. Here are the equations for each page Problem  1)  Y = X^2 - 6X - 7 Problem 2)  Y = X^2 - 4X + 3 Problem 3) Y = X^2 - 4 Problem 4) Y = -X^2 - 3X + 2 &nb

Code for Chapter 7 Quiz 2

News Jan 11 Here is the code:    @

MATHCOUNTS Test Results!

News Jan 11 Please read the who document as there are lots of moving pieces due to the scholastic bowl tournament on the same day as regionals Mathcounts competiton. 

Period 2 and 3 Chapter 7 Quiz 2 Study Guide

News Jan 11 Chick on link to study guide. Do the problems. Then check your answers with the solutions

Period 2 and 3 Final Exam Study Guide 3

News Dec 14 Study Guide link and a link to the solutions 

Period 2 and 3 Final Exam Study Guide 2

News Dec 13 Links to study guide and to solutions to the study guide

Period 2 and 3 Final Exam Study Guide 1

News Dec 12 Links to the study guide and to the solutions

Period 2 and 3 Study Guides and Solutions Chapter 6 Quiz 1

News Dec 11 Three attachments  1. Solutions to study guide 1 (Friday homework) 2. Study Guide 2 worksheet 3. Solutions to study guidel 2 

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