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January 19

Daily Email, 2017-2018 3 days ago HW: Read historical fiction book club books No math HW   Need to Know: What a fun reading week! Today we had a little extra read

January 18

Daily Email, 2017-2018 4 days ago HW: Math DCCR 5-7 Read 30 minutes Fill out “My Powerful Wish” for Lindsay Reading Week! The class with the most returned wins a prize! &nb

January 17

Daily Email, 2017-2018 5 days ago HW: Read 30 minutes- this reading will be mainly in the book club historical fiction book. Some are finished and waiting for their groups, these students are reading a second book of thei

January 12

Daily Email, 2017-2018 5 days ago HW: Read in Book Club Books- each group set a team goal to have read by Tuesday   Need to Know: Today students finished their End of the y

January 11

Daily Email, 2017-2018 5 days ago HW: Finish color by subtracting starter from this morning Read 30 minutes and log   Important Dates:  January 11-12

January 10

Daily Email, 2017-2018 Jan 10 HW: DCCR 5-6 Read 30 minutes (book club or independent book)   Need to Know: Tonight is Paint Night at Lindsay for those who sig

January 9

Daily Email, 2017-2018 Jan 9 HW: Read 30 minutes tonight (Book Club or Independent Reading Book)   Need to Know: Writing- students started to draft a first literary an

January 8

Daily Email, 2017-2018 Jan 8 HW: Read Book Club or Independent Book 30 minutes of reading nightly Finish Spelling City practice lessons for Test 60 DCCR 5-5   Ne

January 5

Daily Email, 2017-2018 Jan 5 HW: Read 30 minutes (book club book or independent book)   Several graded papers went home today, please look though these. Students also received paper

January 3

Daily Email, 2017-2018 Jan 3 HW: Finish reading about the muscular system and fill in organizer Math DCCR 5-4 Finish cursive, if not done in class Read   Today w

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