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4 days ago 09/16-09/20   This week students will be participating in MAP assessments for language and math.  The district gives MAP test 3 times a year. In math this week, we are continuing our work with factorization and using positive and negative exponents.  Students will be working on writing prime factorization trees and converting them to exponents. READ MORE


Sep 10, 2019 This week in 104 09/09-09/13 In Language Arts students are continuing their daily work with understanding subjects and predicates.  They are working on a story in their FLEX book “I’ve Got to Hold a What?”  They are also reading from The Outsiders.  They will be completing activities in order to help them understand the text and plot behind the story. Be sure to encourage reading at home. READ MORE


Sep 3, 2019 NO SCHOOL MONDAY (LABOR DAY) This week in class…we will continue to review classroom rules and expectations.   In math students will continue to work with rational numbers.  We will be working with finding absolute value, using positive and negative words and taking our first short quiz over the concepts presented in class to this point. READ MORE


Aug 26, 2019 August 26-August 30   This week in class we will continue to stress the importance of following directions in an appropriate manner.  What does this mean?  Responding appropriately with tone of voice, body language and the words chosen.    In history class students will continue to take fill in the blank notes in class.  They will also be exposed to completing 3-4 close read passages about the civil war. READ MORE

Welcome Back!

Aug 20, 2019 Welcome Back!!! August 19-23   Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  This week in classes will be busy as we jump right into learning.  This week in class students will be learning and helping to develop classroom policies and expectations.  As we work through the development of these ideas, students will be putting them into practice.  We also plan on beginning instruction right away as well as doing some team building activities. READ MORE

12/10 through 12/20

Dec 10, 2018 In Language Arts students are reading The Giver and participating in activities, written responses and discussions to gain an understanding of what a utopian community looks like.  We have found this community to be very different from our own and are curious as to how the characters will develop in this setting.  Students are also reading stories out of our Flex books and continuing their independent learning through the Connected program on the computer. READ MORE

Week of 9/25-9/29

Sep 27, 2017 Math: Students are working on understanding, writing, and using rates and ratios. History: We will continue to take notes on and discuss reconstruction of the nation after the Civil War.  Language Arts: Students will continue to read The Outsiders in class and take quizzes after listening. We finished MAP testing and will get back to the Flex curriculum.  Science: Students are learning about the 3 phases of matter and will begin understanding matter and atoms.

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