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Master Facilities Planning Information

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Mrs. Chaparro's Schedule

8th Grade Advisory

1st Hour-Prep

2nd Hour-8th Grade Science 

3rd Hour- A/B Resource

4th Hour-7th Grade Science

B Lunch

5th Hour- 7th Grade Science

6th Hour-8th Grade Science

Classroom Procedures

Info Sep 5 Routines: When students enter the class students should sharpen their pencil if necessary and sit in their assigned seat. Daily Agenda:

Mrs. Chaparro's Schedule

Info Sep 5 Advisory 1st Hour-Prep 2nd Hour-8th grade instructional science 3rd Hour A/B-7th/8th grade resource 4th Hour-7th grade instructional science 5

Mrs. Chaparro's Contact Information

Info Sep 5 By phone before or after school  217-525-3170x210 Email lfuchs@sps186.org

Student Expectations

Info Aug 11              Be Safe: Have safe hands and feet Make safe choices Practice cleanliness

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