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Reading Log

Remember to fill out the reading log each night you read.  Your child should have one in their book baggie, but if they forgot it or you need a new one, click the attached file. 

Math Link

Use this link to go to our district math curriculum website. Remember to use your child's lunch number as the user name. The password is p12345 for each student. You can see what the student is doing each day.

Scholastic Book Order Code is H6KF2

Click on the title Raz kids. Then find your child's name. Your child may click on their name, read and play.

Contact Information

Contact Hours:
8:30-8:55 M-F
3:30-3:45 M-F

You can contact me at 787-3173. If I cannot come to the phone please leave me a voice mail. Also, don't hesitate to email me with questions.

Learning how to look across books

Photos Apr 10 When finishing our Non-Fiction unit we worked on learning how to look across books and see how authors choose what to write.  We used a T-chart and then a Venn diagram to organize the info. &n

Lab Reports Day 1

Photos Mar 27 We are learning how to write like a Scientist.  Writing a lab report includes: asking a quesiton about how the world works, record your hypotheses, test it and record your procedures, conduct

Putting it all together!

Photos Mar 27 As non-fiction readers we are learning to put it all together.  We worked with Mrs. Robinson's class and talked about what we learned.  We wrote our ideas on a chart. 

Strategies to help with our Goal

Photos Mar 8 We worked together to help each other with our goals.  We know some strategies that can help us. 


Photos Mar 6 We started our measurement unit.  More fun pictures to come. 

Goal Setting

Photos Mar 6 We thought about what we needed to improve on as a reader.  Then we got in groups with friends who had the same goal.  We will work together for a coupld weeks to improve our goals. 

Valentines Day

Photos Feb 21 Thanks to everyone who helped make our party a success!

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