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MAP Practice Questions

Resources Jan 16 Click here to review the format of questions for the MAP test.

Word Art

Resources Jan 8 Click here to log in to create word art. Login using your Google information.

Prepositional Phrases

Resources Jan 3 1-3-18 Today we started working with prepositional phrases. The attachments to the right show the notebook pages from today. The video we watched is the Grammar Rock Prepostions video.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Resources Dec 4 12/4/17 Today students took notes and watched a video on subject -verb agreement. The notes that should be in their Grammar Interactive Notebook is attached to the right. 12/5/17 Today st

Sentences with Verbs

Resources Nov 29 11/29/17 Today students began writing a sentence for each type of verb we have been studying. They should highlight the type of verb for that sentence with an orange highlighter. If they have other

Linking Verbs

Resources Nov 28 11/28/17 Today students glued in a page that will help them remember linking verbs. This should be in their spiral notebooks (Grammar) on page 16. The attachment to the right shows what this should

Drafting the Character Essay

Resources Nov 27 11/27/17 Today students who finished their outlines began working on a draft for their character essays. Before beginning the draft, students were encouraged to reread the student and teacher mento

More About Verbs

Resources Nov 20 We have been and will continue to watch Khan Academy videos to help us understand all the different functions of verbs. Last Friday, 11/17/17, we began taking Cornell Notes on action verbs to revie

Khan Academy- Verbs

Resources Nov 16 Practice working with verbs here!

Verb Word Sort

Resources Nov 14 11/14/17 Today students highlighted a page of verbs orange to match the verb category on our word wall. Then, they cut out the words. Four envelopes were glued in (see attachment to the right) 

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