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Quizlet- Poetry Terms and Parts of Speech

Resources May 16 This is a link to a study guide that Mrs. Flanagan made for you to practice going over the terms before the test Friday. You will need to log in with your Google information.


Resources May 16 This is the student log in site. You will need a code from me to begin. When you enter your name on the quiz, type your last name first then a comma then your first name like the example: Beebe, Li

Poetry Contest

News May 14 View the link below to learn more about and enter this great poetry contest for young poets in Illinois....


Resources May 8 5-8-18 Today students took notes about interjections. The top part of the attachment to the right contains the notes. 5-10-18 Students added examples to their interjections notes pag

Grammar Monster

Resources May 3 Review interjections here. Read the notes to review and complete the online quiz.

Poem 17: "Practically Triplets"

Resources May 3 5-11-18 Maybe the most painful part of growing up- I know it was for me- is the childhood friendships that don't stick. One kid grows one way, and his best friend grows another. Or a girl 

Poem 16: "Quotes" and "Living in Rings"

Resources May 3 5-10-18 Two 7th-grade poets, Ben and Anne, used collections of things as a way to take stock of who they are and how they're growing up. Ben collects quotes that appeal to him; Anne is a c

Theme 6: Growing Up- Poem 15: "After Watching Peter Pan Again"

Resources May 3 5-9-18 Santa Claus is a standard story character icon of childhood. Beyond him, most of us, as kids, had other characters from storybooks or movies or TV who we identified with, fantasized about, e

Poem 14: Afternoon Beach

Resources May 3 5-8-18 The student that wrote this poem is taking us to a beach today. Trust me: regardless of what's going on outside our window, in two minutes, it's going to feel like a ninety-degr

Theme 5: Senses: Poem 13- "Campfire Lullaby" and "night songs"

Resources May 2 5-7-18 Here are two poems that almost put me to sleep- not because they're boring, but because both of the student poets used such sensory language that their poems work like

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