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Theme 2: Your Life (How You Want to Live)- Poem 4: Appreciation Poem

Resources 2 days ago 4-20-18 Today students worked on a poem about a time they realized how much they appreciated someone. This is in the Theme 2 assignment in Google Classroom. Features to Notice:

Poem 3: Poems about Your Room

Resources 4 days ago 4-19-18  Students will read two poems today- one by a boy, and one by a girl. They are both writing about their bedrooms in these poems. Features to Notice- "My Room&quo

Poem 2: Elegy

Resources 5 days ago 4-18-18 Today students studied an elegy, which is a poem that mourns a death. This is a sad poem about a sad subject, but it also does the work of a good elegy: it brings comfort to the poet. Somet

Theme 1: Poems Can Be About Anything- Poem 1: Persona Poem

Resources 5 days ago 4-17-18 Today students worked with a persona poem. A persona is an imagined speaker. In this case, the poet, Jim Hall, has taken the persona of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. There are a couple of tw

Poetry Terms Slideshow and Notes

Resources 6 days ago 4-16-18 Today students took notes from the slideshow attached to the right (this is a PDF version). They may use this slideshow to help study for the final exam. At the end of each section is a qui


Resources 6 days ago I will post updates on the lessons here. All of the drafts will be completed in Google Classroom. Attached to the right is a copy of the parent letter outlining expectations that was sent

Khan Academy- Introduction to Adverbs Video

Resources Apr 10 This is the link to the video we watched in class. 

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