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1:1 Classroom

I am so excited to be part of a 1:1 initiative using Chromebooks in the classroom! Each student in my classes will have access to a Chromebook to use in class. Watch for more information to come on this.

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Please make sure your child is on time and prepared for school.

Verbs Video

Resources 4 hours ago This is the School House Rock video for verbs. Students watched and took notes in their Grammar Notebooks in Google Classroom.

Introduction to the Apostrophe (Khan Academy)

Resources Oct 4 This video will help you understand when to use an apostrophe.

Commas in Dialogue Video (Khan Academy)

Resources Oct 2 Watch this video to review how to use commas when punctuating dialogue.

Three Ways to End a Sentence Practice (Khan Academy)

Resources Sep 30 Click the link here to practice ending punctuation.

Three Ways to End a Sentence Video (Khan Academy)

Resources Sep 30 Watch the video on the link above to review ending punctuation.

Adjectives Video #3 (Khan Academy: Definite and Indefinite Articles)

Resources Sep 19 This is the direct link to the youtube video for the third Khan Academy video.

Adjectives Video #2 (Khan Academy: Into to Articles)

Resources Sep 19 This is the direct link to youtube for the Intro to Articles (Video 2).

Adjective Video #1 (Khan Academy: Intro to Adjectives)

Resources Sep 19 This is the link directly to youtube for Intro to Adjectives (Video 1).

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