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Water Distribution

Photos Mar 22 While learning about the hydrospehere, the 5th graders estimated how much of Earht's water was actually fresh, usable water. Then we developed a model to describe the percentage of fresh water


Photos Mar 22 5th graders researched different biomes while learning about the biosphere. Our psoters show how each of the Earth's systems are interconnected.

Government Lesson with Miss Springfield

Photos Feb 23 The 4th graders enjoyed a lesson on government by Miss Springfield, Adelinn Ippensen. She shared pictures of her summer internship in Washington D.C. and read House Mouse, Senate Mouse. 

Catapult Challenge

Photos Feb 23 Teams of 5th graders created catapults to launch cotton balls. The challenge was to make the cotton ball fly the farthest. Since the catapults worked so well, we played "Catapult Catch&qu

Chemical Change?

Photos Feb 5 5th graders conducted investigations to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in new substances. We mixed salt, bakind soda, baking powder, and cornstarch with iodine,

Physical or Chemical Changes?

Photos Feb 5 5th graders conducted 5 investigations to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in new substances. Students created lava lamps, bouncey balls, foil boats, apple slices

Acids or Bases?

Photos Feb 5 5th graders used red and blue litmus paper to find out if certain household substances were acids or bases.

Circuits and Penny Cleaning

Photos Feb 5 After learning about acids and bases, 5th graders tried to see how those substances could be used. Maybe they could clean pennies or light light bulbs. See what we found out.

Winter Olympics

Info Feb 4 Find out more about the Winter Olympics from this interactive website.

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