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Thank you to the family emoji makers.
Thank you!

I want to send a big thank you to all of the Southern View families that completed the family Art emoji project. Thank you! Your creations are amazing! Please stop by the Art hallway to view the wonderfully unique characters.

Welcome back, Everyone!

1. Grades first through fifth have Art for 60 minutes, once a week.
2. Art class is a valuable learning environment. Students are expected to Stay Seated, Be Quiet for Directions, and Do Their Best.
3. Every student can learn, participate, and follow directions in Art class! Every student will be held accountable for these three areas.

Vocabulary Terms, Nov/Dec, Grades 4-5

News Nov 30 Grade 4 Six ways to show depth in an artwork Overlapping: When one object covers part of another object. Size: Large objects appear closer than smaller objects. Placement: Objects near the bottom of the picture seem closer than objects at the top of

Vocabulary Terms November/December, grades 1-3

News Nov 16 1st grade The 4 Fine Arts: Visual Art, Music, Drama, and Dance Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow Secondary Colors: Green, Orange, Violet Historical value of Art showing the way people in the past did things and how we do things (Hall

The Board Office

News Oct 18 Nearly two hundred artworks from students at the SPS #186 Balanced Calendar schools are on display in the board office at 1900 W. Monroe. The students at Southern View and Graham schools are encouraged to meet Art education benchmarks through the creative process. Way to go!

Drama is a Fine Art too!

Photos Oct 18 Being a part of the Arts does not mean you have to be good at drawing. There are so many different areas of the four fine Arts (Visual Art, Music, Drama, and Dance) that everyone can be an artist o

Our City of Springfield, 1st grade Partner Art

Photos Oct 18 First grade students and their parents used mixed media to create a three-dimensional rendering of downtown Springfield, including the old and new state capitol buildings.

Origami Eyes, 5th grade Partner Art

Photos Oct 18 Fifth grade students and their parents used origami to create a paper shape, similar to an eye, that opens and closes. Then they used tinting and shading techniques to turn the paper shap

End of 2016-17

Photos Aug 13 Just re-posting a few pictures of our end of the year activities together.

Optical Cats, grades 2/3

Photos Aug 13 Our first PartnerArt project for grades 2/3 were based on the art of Bridget Riley. Bridget Riley's work is classified as Op Art. Her optical illusions make our eyes dance. Our optical cat desi

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