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Sharing, Cooperation, Friendship, Play

Dramatic play is a big part of our learning.

"Why I Teach"

I do what I do so that the lives of my families are improved as their children become independent learners who grow up to give to society as productive, caring life-long learners. Mrs. Lowder

"Keep Your Eye on Us"

I will be posting many photos of the students throughout the school year. It's a great way for you to talk about what they do at school.

AM Loves to Build!

Photos Apr 10 AM students are really honing their building skills using a variety of blocks and tools to build some magnificant structures. 

Miles for SMILES and Toothbrushing Lesson

Photos Mar 19 Students whose parents had signed releases were seen by the dentist with Miles for Smiles this month. I hope you all read the dentist's recommendations and follow-through on the recommendations

DrAmAtIc PlAy

Photos Mar 9 Play is so important in child development and getting ready for Kindergarten. Children use and develop their language, practice social skills and grow emotionally. Our PM students play dramatic pla

I Can Make Mat Man with Lines and Curves

Photos Mar 9 As you know we use the Handwriting Without Tears - Get Set for School Curriculum. The main handwriting, letter and number formation is taught through the use of a character named Mat Man. The child

Jump Rope for Heart Success

Photos Mar 9 On March 1, all of our students participated with Lee School in Jump Rope for Heart. We learned about healthy snacks, saw a real heart, did lots of jumping, walked through our circulatory sytem and

Imagination Magnets

Photos Mar 9 We love to build with our magnetic blocks! Our creations are wonderfully different every time. 

Recognizing Black History Month

Photos Mar 8 During Black Hisotry Month we read books about MLKJr., Harriett Tubman, and others; listened to children give presentations online about Garrett Morgan followed by making traffic signals he invente

Winter Olympics

Photos Mar 8 During the recent Winter Olympics we had centers that revolved around different countries, sports and snow activities. We used our blocks to make skis and skates that we could use to move. In the s

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