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Sharing, Cooperation, Friendship, Play

Dramatic play is a big part of our learning.

"Why I Teach"

I do what I do so that the lives of my families are improved as their children become independent learners who grow up to give to society as productive, caring life-long learners. Mrs. Lowder

"Keep Your Eye on Us"

I will be posting many photos of the students throughout the school year. It's a great way for you to talk about what they do at school.

Outside Winter Play

Photos 3 days ago When the weather is warmer even in Winter it is important for us to get outside. We will never go outsdie when it is very cold or icy. There was a fun afternoon once this winter, we are hoping for

Gift Giving Takes Time

Photos 4 days ago Students made Christmas trees to take home before break. They worked hard painting, cutting and decorating them. We hope they were enjoyed by families at home. Most had a special "Star" o

December Celebration

Photos 4 days ago Students in both AM and PM enjoyed making an edible Christmas trees in the ROAR selebration for December. Students loved painting on their icing paint and adding many "ornaments". The bes

We "Sorta" Love These Toys

Photos Dec 8 The AM students are busy learning to sort items that are the same. Sometimes they look identical and sometimes they are just from the same catagory. We are proud of their hard work. 

"Pie Graph"

Photos Dec 8 We have a great song about pies, their names and their colors. We made a "pie graph", each of us taking a turn to represent our pie's color on the graph. 

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