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Wobble Stools help students build core muscles!
Donor's Choose

Thank You for your generous donations to our Donor's Choose project! The students love to wiggle on the new alternative seating options in the speech room!

Climbing the Ladder!

Students who are practicing speech sounds are climbing the ladder this year. They decorated an "artic stick" for each of their target sounds. We're moving up from isolation to syllables and words. The next step is phrases and sentences. Then it's on to oral reading and conversation. Student's are climbing towards graduation! Movin' on UP!!

Spooky Speech Fun!

Photos Nov 3 Students worked on following directions, fact/opinion, answering questions, explaining HOW to...

The First Thanksgiving

Videos Dec 8 Students learned about how Thanksgiving came to be....

Thankful in Speech

Photos Dec 8 We have been talking about things we are thankful for that have our speech sounds. Look at these little turkeys!

Developmental Articulation Norms

Photos Sep 26 Developmental Articulation Norms

Better Hearing and Speech Month 2014

Videos May 27 In May we celebrated Better Hearing and Speech Month....

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Photos May 6 To celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month this year students at Sandburg would like to share some of their thoughts about speech!

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