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Carolina Science

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Newsletter Oct 22 Parent Teacher Conference days are coming up!  Thursday October 25 teachers will have walk in conferences from 5-8 pm.  No need to schedule a time, just walk in and meet with your child&r

Lesson 4

Newsletter Oct 22 In 6th grade science, studetns will be building on what they have learned about force by discovering Newton's laws.  We will investigate why and how objects move, and perform some really f

Lesson 3

Newsletter Sep 30 In 6th grade science, studetns will be investigating the properties of magnets!  We will investigate magentism, and discover how and why magents affect some materials and not others!  We

Chromebook Expectations and Procedures

Chromebooks 1:1 Aug 7 During the first week of school, students and parents recievd information about behavior expectations when the Chromebooks are being use.  We will use them in our Science Classrooms.  Stu

Thursday Aug. 23 is Open House

News Aug 7 Open House for 2018-2019 will be on Thursday Aug. 23 from 6-7pm....

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