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Envision 2.0 Math Website

Students can access their text books, lessons, videos, games, math tools, and more by logging into the envision math website. Your child's username is their lunch pin and the password for all students is p12345. Check it out - have your student show you all that they have been learning.

Helpful Reminders

*2:30 Dismissal every Wednesday.

Basic Fact Practice

Be sure to visit the Resources page for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice activities.

Cup Stacking Team Building Activity

Photos Mar 28 Third grade students participated in a team building activity today. Teams worked to move cups into a pyramid and a stack. Students were not allowed to touch the cups. They could only use a ru

Why do we need math?

Info Jan 16 Have you ever heard this question? Have you ever wondered why we need math? Well, here are few reasons why math is so important. 

Coming Soon APTT #2 - February 15, 2018

News Jan 16 Get ready! Back in September, all grade levels chose a foundational math skill to share with parents during our...

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