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Mrs. Guikema's class 2017-2018
November Reading Stars
Making Reindeer

Photos Jan 1 In order to get ready for the holiday season, we made reindeer! Mrs. Dodd traced student's feet and hands to make the face and the antlers of the reindeer and students cut them out. Students th

The Dreidel Game

Photos Jan 1 Kindergarten students learned a little about Hanukkah and played the Dreidel game together. We played Dreidel with cubes and all students received some chocolate "gelt" at the end of the

Our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Photos Jan 1 Kindergarten students had a yummy Thanksgiving lunch at school with their friends. They looked so cute in their Pilgrim and Native American hats!

November Family Project

Photos Jan 1 Kindergarten students have been very busy completing their family project for the month of November. Students had to disguise their turkey so the farmer would not eat him for Thanksgiving. Some of

Witch's Brew

Photos Jan 1 Students were working on letter names and sounds while making our very special Kindergarten Witch's Brew!

It's Pumpkin Carving Time!

Photos Nov 4 We had a great time carving our two pumpkins into a scary and a happy Jack-O-Lantern. Students learned how to clean out the inside of the pumpkin and they got a chance to carve the pumpkin too! Che

Learning about Pumpkins and making Pumpkin Pudding Pie

Photos Oct 29 Mrs. Winkelmann, a guest from the University of Illinois Extension Office, came to visit our classroom and teach us about pumpkins. Did you know that pumpkins start out as blossoms and that most pu

October Family Project

Photos Oct 29 During the month of October, Kindergarten students had a homework project to complete with their families. Students were asked to use items found in their home to decorate their pumpkin for Hallowe

Apple Barn Field Trip

Photos Oct 29 We had a blast on our Apple Barn field trip! Check out all of the fun!

Our Five Senses - Sense of Smell

Photos Oct 15 In this activity, Kindergarten students had to use only their sense of smell to help identify an item. The items were in sealed containers with a little hole cut out in the top so students could sm

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