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Mrs. Guikema's class 2017-2018
November Reading Stars
Chick-fil-A Nugget Party

Photos Apr 8 Our class won a Nugget Party from Chick-fil-A. Thank you Chick-fil-A for our delicious nuggets! 

St. Patrick's Day Treat and Lucky Charms Graph

Photos Apr 8 Kindergarten students celebrated St. Patrick's Day by enjoying a "Shamrock" treat from a mysterious "wee fellow" and they graphed Lucky Charms. Each student was given a bag

Spring Party

Photos Apr 8 Kindergarten students enjoyed the Spring Party! Check out these happy faces!

Bunny Bags

Photos Apr 8 Students made some cute bunny bags for their Easter Egg Hunt at Montvale Estates. Check out the bunnies!

Easter Egg Hunt at Montvale Estates

Photos Apr 8 Kindergarten students were invited to Montvale Estates to partake in an Easter Egg Hunt! Students had so much fun meeting new people and hunting for eggs!

Are you a member of the "Give Me Five Club?"

Photos Apr 8 Kindergarten students have been working very hard to become a part of the "Give Me Five Club!" In order for students to become a part of this elite club, they must be able to complete all

Caterpillars: The first week

Photos Apr 8 We have had our caterpillars for one week and wow are they getting fat! We have learned (and seen with our own eyes) that a caterpillars job is to eat, eat, eat! Check out how these tiny caterpilla

Caterpillars: Day 1

Photos Apr 8 Our caterpillars arrived a whole month earlier than expected! We are still excited even though it feels like winter outside! Kindergarten students are going to be learning about the life cycle of a

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!

Photos Mar 11 Kindergarten students celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday by doing lots of rhyming activities! We read many Dr. Seuss stories and played some word games with nonsense words and real words. 

Making green eggs and ham (part 2)

Photos Mar 11 Making green eggs and ham photos continued...

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