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Fourth Graders Learn "Omochio Tsukimasho"

Photos Dec 5 Fourth graders learned a Japanese hand clapping game called "Omochio Tsukimasho."  It's based on the Japanese tradition of rice pounding.  In the game, one student maintains

Fourth Graders Learn About Making Mochi

News Dec 4 Fourth graders have been learning about the Japanese tradition of rice pounding or making mochi through a hand-clapping game called "Omochio Tsukimasho."  The hand-clapping game mimics some of the complex hand work that is done by the mochi makers.  Click

Check Out Our Matheny Mustangs in Motion

Photos Nov 28 Take a sneak peek into some of the action in our Mustangs in Motion classes.  The photos are organized from kindergarten through fifth grade.  We like to move it, move it!!

RSVPs Needed for Zydeco Music Event

News Oct 9 If your family is wanting to attend the "Creole for Kidz and the History of Zydeco" family event, we need...

Mini Mustangs Music Classes Start This Week!

News Oct 9 Our pre-K child/parent music classes start on Wednesday!  Mini Mustangs Music classes are for children younger...

Tapping the Steady Beat Using Heart Charts in 1st Grade

Photos Oct 8 Students in first grade demonstrated their ability to find and tap the steady beat by tapping "heart charts" along with a recorded song.

Composing Rhythm Patterns in Fifth Grade

Photos Oct 8 Fifth grade students have been working in small groups to compose an 8-beat rhythm chain using growth mindset words to create a B section for our poem "Good, Better, Best."  Students

Fourth Graders Work Collaboratively to Create

Photos Oct 8 Fourth graders worked in partners or teams to create a steady beat pattern using body percussion.  They performed a traditional hand jive pattern for the A section and then performed their cre

Shanghai Chicken Egg Game in 5th Grade

Photos Oct 8 Fifth graders sang a silly song called "Shanghai Chicken" and played a game using egg shakers.  Each time we sang "hoo-day" in the song, students tossed their egg in the ai

Exciting Musical Event for Matheny Families!!

News Sep 18 Matheny families will have the opportunity to take part in a special musical evening on Tuesday, October 17th:  ...

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