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Students Working Hard

Photos Sep 26 We LOVE Phonics!


Info Sep 21   ACCESS testing will be held mid-January.  This is a test that will test your child in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  Test results usually come back in May.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

News Sep 21 Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up October 25-26, 2018.  I am looking forward to meeting and sseing all of you.  

Reading A-Z

Resources Sep 21 A great resource for students to read along with stories and take quizzes. 

Coloring Colorado

Resources Sep 21 Coloring Colorado is a great resource for students, teachers, and parents in ESL.

Unite for Literacy

Resources May 11 http://www.uniteforliteracy.com

ESL Games

Resources May 11 http://www.eslgamesplus.com/mobile-games/

ESL Games

Resources May 11 http://www.eslgamesplus.com/classroom-games/  

Google Translate

Resources May 11 https://translate.google.com/  

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