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Soon . . . . Butterflies!

Photos Apr 27 On Thursday April 26th, our class received a special package. It was 6 tiny caterpillars. They will become Painted Lady butterflies! Our teacher has raised this type of caterpillar before

STEM - 'V' is for Vinegar

Photos Apr 24 Every week we explore a STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) event. On November 9th, we had fun outside with vinegar. Did you know that when you add vineger to baking soda a ch

100 Day

Photos Apr 24 January 31st was our 100th day of school. We were so excited to celebrate being 100 days smarter. We counted lots of ways, read 100 books together, did projects, and shared treats (100 of each of c

Wilcox Basketball

Photos Apr 24 Late January through early March, Wilcox students can play organized basketball games on Saurday mornings. Grade leveled teams compete against each other. The goal is exercise and fun! Just lo

Firemen Visit With Kindergarten

Photos Apr 24 In October, Wilcox had our official fire drill with the Springfield Fire Department monitoring our efforts. After the fire drill, the firemen were generous with their time. They let the Kindergartn

Radio Readers

Photos Apr 24 The local radio stations love to promote reading bycoming to classrooms and ---READING! September 13th both Kindergarten classes got together to listen to a reader from WDBR. They gave every child

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