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Students can play math games that correspond to what we have learned in math.
Letters were sent home with their username and password. If you have misplaced this letter, please let me know and I will send it on their behavior sheet.

Spelling City

Practice our weekly spelling words.
Username is their name.
Password is their name.
There are no capitals and no spaces.


Username is your child's name. Their password is password. There are no spaces and no capitals.

Mystery Science: Why is snow white?

Photos Dec 21 Students create a decorative snowflake to investigate how to make something transparent look white.

Mystery Science: Why is there sand at the beach?

Photos Dec 8 Students explored why there is sand at the beach and where it comes from.  They learned how erosion occurs as rocks travel from mountains, down a river, and to the beach.  Students c

Writing Celebration

Photos Nov 17 To celebrate the end of our realistic fiction unit, students got to share their writing with others classes.  We also had popcorn, listened to each others stories, and learned how to use Googl

Mystery Science: Mapping, Earth’s Surface, & Landforms

Photos Nov 17 For Fun Friday, students made models of mountains and rivers to explore why water flows in a river.  

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