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Welcome Back! 2017-2018 School Year

Welcome back to yet another fantastic year at Ball Charter! I am your host, Ms. Mathenia, and I am thrilled to be leading you all through another year of ART at SBCS! This year is bound to be great! As an overview and reminder, we begin each lesson with what my classes refer to as a "learning day". I assure you that every day is filled with opportunities for learning and learning experiences however the very first day of each new lesson or topic is ALL about the learning. We will typically spend that class reading aloud and discussing a new artist or art movement and the history behind the who, what , where, when , why and how of the project we will be working on. We will then spend a few classes delving into the technical aspects of process that really help our students develop their fine motor skills and, more importantly, self confidence. Please do not expect your student to complete a new project every art class. Often it takes several classes to produce quality work and teach patience and positive work ethic through trial and error. I believe that art history is very important for our students and strive to make it as easy to understand and as exciting as I can and boy do we have some fun! Art history helps our students make connections between their lives and the subject we are learning about as well as critical connections between art and other core subjects they learn about everyday! Please be sure to ask your kiddos what they are learning about in class. I think you will be very surprised at how interesting their lessons are and how interested they are in their lessons! Feel free to stop by anytime for a visit! I hope to see you all soon!


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