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How to Connect

As a parent, your influence on your child is humongous. Do you want the same for your child that you had? Do you want more for them? We should always ask ourselves if we are being the best example we can be for our children. I know as a mother, this question motivates me in the way I live. I want to be the best example I can be for my children. One way you can connect with your child is by asking them to share a highlight about their day at school. In our house I ask my children, "What was a rose in your day?" Then I ask, "What was a thorn in your day?" This allows me to hear the joys and the sorrows of their day and I can show them excitement and empathy. When we ask our children about their school day, we are investing in their education and showing our children that school is very important.

SRA B2- Old Salt and the Buried Treasure

Photos Dec 3 Today my SRA B2 Resource Group began a new story called Old Salt and the Buried Treasure. To begin our series, students had some fun dressing up like a pirate and posing with a treasure chest. The

Slime Lab

Photos Nov 30 We just finished the story about a character named Irma. This character was treated poorly by a bunch of boarders that lived in a boarding house she ran. She took time to get away from them&nb

Parent Teacher Conferences

Info Oct 19 Hello Parents,     Parent Teacher Conferences are next week on the evening of Thursday the 25th and all day on Friday the 26th. If your child receives resource service

Friday Math Fun

Photos Oct 19 Students have been practicing counting objects and identifying and writing the number that corresponds. Today we had some fun and practiced with a puzzle. I set a timer to see if the students could

Super Star Resource Students

Photos Oct 9  We are going to implement something new in resource for behavior. Each week I am going to pick out a super star resource student. This student goes above and beyond. I do not have to correct

Reading Mastery

Photos Sep 12 Currently my kindergarten students are working on learning their letters and sounds. They are working in our Reading Mastery program. They have been introduced the sounds a and m. They also practic

SRA Corrective Reading

Photos Sep 12 Our resource reading program is SRA Corrective Reading. Students are met with daily. The program is broken down into word attack skills, a story at their reading level, comprehension questions that

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