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Picture of Serenity
Student of the Week

Congratulations to Serenity! She has been working so hard in class. In fact, we were working on a difficult lesson on summarizing and she just kept on working until we finally got it! Way to go and keep up the hard work!

Homework Club
Homework Club!

Congratulations to all of these people that completed their homework last week!


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Vocabulary List

We are going to be working on cursive until winter break.

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Titanic Information

Please click here to be taken to the website for your passenger/crew assignment.

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Titanic Webquest

Click here to complete the web quest about the Titanic. 

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Click here to head to the PARCC practice test site.

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On-Line Dictionary

Great dictionary for students as they read

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The Hour of Code

Click here to be taken to the Hour of Code site.

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Chess Tutorial

This site is a tutorial on chess.


Newsletter 3 days ago

Catapult Challenge

Photos 3 days ago The kids worked for two weeks learning about the scientific method and the engineering process. They created catapults and then learned a little more about why they work. After that, they modified

SIU Health

Photos Mar 2 Today we were able to have a visitor from SIU to teach us about healthy eating!

Civil Rights Presentations

Photos Feb 27 We were able to show off all of our hard work in Civil Rights with our expert fair. Enjoy!

4H Activity

Photos Feb 21 We have finished our weekly visits with 4H with a culminating project. 

Writing Surprise

Photos Feb 7 This fall, we were writing opinion and persuasive essays. The kids had the opportunity to write a letter to someone about a topic that they felt wasn't fair and what they wanted changed. T

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