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Moving an iMovie Project

This is a link to a site that will help you learn how to move an iMovie Project to another computer. This allows you to pull the entire project, including all of the files used in it!

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Wordly Wise

Students can access word lists and play fun games to help them learn the meanings of the vocabulary words. Select students and the appropriate book for the grade. 

download7th grade Vocabulary Unit 1

Resources Aug 31 Each days students have until 5 minutes after the bell to work on the packet, and we go over the packet for about 5 minutes Week 1 words: abate, accelerate, grim, perceive, throb (Matchin

Sign up for Remind

Info Aug 14 Remind is a great communication tool. I will use it to send out information regarding my classes (project due dates, upcoming assessments, etc). Remind can also be used for two way communication, m


Sites for Images Nov 24 Free photos, Creative Common. As with all sites pay attention to attribution. Each photo lists the requirements for use.

Photo Pin

Sites for Images Nov 24 Easy to use creative commons search site. The top rows are labeled "sponsored images" and are commercial, but the rest are non-commercial, complete with HTML for attribution.

Flickr Commons

Sites for Images Nov 24 Access to publicly-held photography collections in partnership with the Library of Congress. Great collection of historical photos.

Clippix ETC

Sites for Images Nov 24 Source for photos and pictures for classroom use from Florida's Educational Technology...


Sites for Images Nov 24 A collection of categorized images.

Wikipedia Commons

Sites for Images Nov 24 Great source of creative commons licensed photos.

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