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Moving an iMovie Project

This is a link to a site that will help you learn how to move an iMovie Project to another computer. This allows you to pull the entire project, including all of the files used in it!

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Wordly Wise

Students can access word lists and play fun games to help them learn the meanings of the vocabulary words. Select students and the appropriate book for the grade. Sixth grade has book seven, seventh grade has book eight, and eighth grade has book nine.

downloadHigh Frequency Word List 1

Resources Sep 12 Please reveiw saying, spelling, and using these words in a sentence with your child. 

downloadPersonal Information

Resources Aug 21 Each day we practice our important personal information. It is so important that your child knows who to talk to if they get lost and what information to give that trusted person so they can get ba

Solar Eclipse Video

Resources Aug 21 Today we learned what a solar eclipse is and why it is so special. Then we practiced creating a solar eclipse with a flashlight and two balls and illustrated the solar eclipse. Please reveiw this v

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News Aug 21 Stay connected with school and classroom events by signing up for remind alerts....

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