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1:1 iPads

Our classroom is fortunate to be a 1:1 iPad classroom! Each student is assigned an iPad to use and respect. We use the iPads often to enhance our learning, create, and explore.

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Teacher Contact Information

Info Mar 22 Natasha Langen 3rd Grade Teacher Harvard Park Elementary 2501 South 11th Street Springfield, IL 62703 PH: 217-525-3214 Fax: 217-525-3280

Bridge Challenge

Photos Mar 14 Students were challenged to build a bridge using only two sheets of paper.  Their bridge had to be at least 3 inches wide and reach across a 6-inch gap.  To test the strength of thei

Spelling/Vocabulary List 12

Spelling and Vocabulary Mar 6 Spelling List 12 (3/5/18-3/16/18) Suffix: -ness (quality of being) darkness selfishness fairnes

Spelling & Vocabulary List 11

Spelling and Vocabulary Feb 21 Spelling List 11 (February 12th - February 23rd) Test Date: Friday, February 23rd Rule: ough - augh 1. taught 2. thought 

IDOC shares Spirit of Giving with Harvard Park Elementary Families

News Jan 4 http://newschannel20.com/news/local/idoc-shares-spirit-of-giving-with-harvard-park-elementary-families

Santa Claus Visits Harvard Park

News Jan 4 http://newschannel20.com/news/local/santa-claus-visits-harvard-park-elementary

Spelling/Vocabulary List 9

Spelling and Vocabulary Jan 4   Spelling/Vocab List for Weeks of January 8th- January 19th Test Date: 1/19/18 Spelling List 9 Rule: Words that end with - ed and -ing

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