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IB Unit of Inquiry -- August/September

Who We Are — Literary characters demonstrate a variety of traits that influence the way we view ourselves and the world.

IB Unit of Inquiry -- October/November

How We Organize Ourselves — A community is a group of people working together to meet the needs of others through various roles and responsibilities.

IB Unit of Inquiry -- November/December

How the World Works — 

IB Unit of Inquiry -- January/February

How We Express Ourselves — 

IB Unit of Inquiry -- March/April

Where We Are in Place and Time —

IB Unit of Inquiry -- April/May

Sharing the Planet —

Vocabulary Words for 1-14

Spelling and Vocabulary Words Jan 8 1. visualize — to imagine 2. creature — an animal 3. prowl — to move sneakily in search of something 4. poisonous — causing injury, sickness, or death

Spelling Words for 1-14

Spelling and Vocabulary Words Jan 8 *Which list your child studies is determined by their pre-test. Their study list will be indicated on your child's homework by being highlighted or circled. Also, don't forget there will be

January 8 - 12

News Jan 8 1/08 Read Aloud: "Life in a Rain Forest" Skill: Making Prediction and Noting Details Link: Structures -- Animal Homes / Natural Structures   Math: 7.3 - Pattern-Block and Template Shapes   S

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