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Class Code: MFH7V

IB Unit of Inquiry -- Character August/September

Who We Are — Literary characters demonstrate a variety of traits that influence the way we view ourselves and the world.


IB Unit of Inquiry -- Communities October/November

How We Organize Ourselves — A community is a group of people working together to meet the needs of others through various roles and responsibilities.

IB Unit of Inquiry -- Structures November/December

How the World Works — The construction of man-made and nature-made structures is influenced by its design and purpose.

IB Unit of Inquiry -- Communication January/February

How We Express Ourselves — People communicate to share information and express themselves.

IB Unit of Inquiry -- Exploration March/April

Where We Are in Place and Time — Exploration leads to discovery.

Flat Stanley Around the World!

Our Flat Stanleys have traveled and returned from all around the world! Check out our Google Map to see where he's been and where he has yet to explore!

IB Unit of Inquiry -- Growth April/May

Sharing the Planet — All living things grow and change.

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