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7th Hour Advisory- Lesson Plans

Week of Nov. 12 - 15 


  • T/W Study skills lesson - no homework

  • Th/F SEL lesson- no homework

Week of Nov. 4-8 

  • BINDER CHECK DUE B-day only

  • M/T Study skills lesson

  • W/Th SEL lesson

  • F homework completion/study hall day

Week of Oct. 28 - Nov. 1

  • M/T (B/A) Note-taking practice- Mapping, Setting a SMART goal

  • W/Th (B/A) Finish SMART goal

  • F (B) Social Emotional Lesson

Week of Oct 21-24 (Parent/Teacher Conferences Thur 5-8, Fri 8-2:45)

  • M/T- (A/B) Study Environment Checklist, Compare/Contrast Ideal Study Space with Actual Study Space

  • W/Th- (A/B) Social Emotional Lesson

Week of Oct 15-18 

  • Tue/Wed- (A/B) Watch video in GC and take Cornell Notes (turn in at end of class) over Creating a Study Space; 4 Corners using Study Space Facts/Myths

  • Th/Fri- (A/B) SEL lesson in class


Week of Oct 4-11

  • Mon/Tue: Study Environments

  • Wed/Thur: Social Emotional Lesson

  • Friday: Homework day (class will be a study hall time to complete make up work, daily homework or read Book club books or Independent novel)

Week of Sept 30- Oct 4

  • Mon/Tue- Handout Binder Checklist sheet, Practice Sketch Notes while watching video posted in GC.

  • Wed/Thu- Social Emotional Learning lesson, Binder Check Thurs (A day)

  • Fri- Binder Check (B Day) & team building exercise

  • Homework: NONE

Week of Sept 23-26 (No School Friday for students) 

  • Mon (A)- share skits from last Thursday, watch Growth Mindset video in Google Classroom, begin work on Growth Mindset flag

  • Tue (B)- share skits from last Friday, SEL lesson

  • Wed (A)- Finish GM flags, SEL lesson

  • Thu (B)- Academic Completion time

Week of Sept 16-20 

  • M/T- Review 5 types of note-taking, take closer look at 2-column (Cornell) note taking, practice 2 column notes while watching TED Talk: If Superpowers were Real: Invisibility

  • W/Th- SEL lesson (Soc. Emotional curriculum)

  • F- Group Island team building activity

Week of Sept 9-13 

  • M/T- Finish Personality Crest (a-day)

  • T/W- Values assessment 

  • Th/F-Social Emotional Lesson

  • HW- None!

Week of Sept 3-6 

  • T/W- Binders due, review note-taking methods, watch Doodle note video, take Time self-quiz

  • Th/F- Collect Time Tracking worksheet, Create Personality Crest

Week of Aug 26-30 

  • M- GC code, Binder Expectations

  • T/W- Create a Social Contract & discuss study habits

  • Th/F- Sign off on Social Contract, introduce Note-taking/types of Notes

  • HW= None

Week of Aug 19-23

  • M/T- Name Cards

  • W/Th- S.L.A.N.T. and Name Game

  • F- Classroom/Social Contract

  • HW= None

6th Hour Video Journalism- Lesson Plans

Week of Nov. 12-15

  • Introduce PSA assignment (also in GC) and assign groups

  • turn in 15 Facts assignment and show Mrs. P your photos in individually labeled albums

  • Work on PSA hook

Week Nov 6-8

  • Finish walking field trips and get photos into albums

  • Complete 15 facts for each field trip 

Week of Oct. 28 - Nov. 5

  • M/T (A/B) Students will be walking to Contact Ministries for a tour of the facilities.

  • W (A) Discussion of field trip

  • Th/F (B/A) Students will be walking to the Grace Lutheran Food Pantry for a tour.

  • M/T (B/A) Students will be walking to the Matthew Project to tour the facilities.

Week of Oct 21-24 (Parent/Teacher Conferences Thur 5-8 & Fri 8-2:30)

  • M/T (A/B) Living the Bottom Line due by end of class. PRINT  a copy to turn in and be sure ALL group member's names are on it!

  • W/Th (A/B) Reviewing/Correcting LBL and then complete Finding the Bottom Line

Week of Oct 15-18

  • All classes, all week, will continue working on their group project "Living the Bottom Line"

  • Don't forget it's SOCKTOBER and we are collecting new or gently used socks for the homeless, so clean out those drawers and share what you can spare!

Week of Oct 4- Oct 11

  • Mon- (B)- Finish Socktober posters and hang up around school

  • T-F (A/B/A/B)- Introduce Living the Bottom Line [LBL], assign groups, begin working on LBL

  • No Homework

Week of Sep 30- Oct 4

  • Mon/Tue- Review Hard Times in TX & Record Flipgrid response by next class

  • Wed/Thur/Fri- SOCKTOBER!!! Details on our non-profit fundraiser for the homeless!! Posters due by end of class Thu (B) and Fri (A).

Week of Sep 23-26 (No School Friday) 

  • Mon/Tue- Finish 'Inocente,' share/discuss questions from GC 

  • Wed/Thur- complete Hard Times in TX 

  • HW: None

Week of Sep 16-20 

  • Mon (B) Read/Discuss Articles #2 on GC, then complete Choose It or Lose It

  • T/W (A/B) Go over Choose it or Lose it; complete Kids without Homes

  • Th/F (A/B) Go over Kids without Homes and start "Inocente"


Week of Sep 9-13 

  • M/T Are you in the Know worksheet (Google Classroom) due next class.

  • W/Th Discuss Are You in the Know

  • F- Read Article #2 in GC; Choose It or Lose It; Venn Diagram

  • Homework- NONE

Week of Sept 3-6 

  • T/W- Socratic Seminar using Inquiry 21 questions from last week (Beyond the Blackboard)

  • Th/F- Watch video and read article about Eric Mason

Week of Aug 26-30 

  • M- Review Inquiry 21 assignment, start watching Beyond the Blackboard

  • T/W- Continue Beyond the Blackboard, continue your questions for Inquiry 21

  • Th/F- Finish Beyond the Blackboard, Finish Inq. 21 ?s, turn them in, print them out and cut them apart (Be sure to bring them next week to class!)

Week of Aug. 19-23

  • M/T- Review classroom policies and procedures, B-day Pineapples, Discuss "What is a non-profit?" HW= None

  • W/Th- Read Newsela Article at start of each class (in Google Classroom), discuss, answer ?s. HW= None

  • F-

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