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2019 - 2020

7th Hour Advisory- Lesson Plans

Week of Sept 16-20 

  • M/T- Review 5 types of note-taking, take closer look at 2-column (Cornell) note taking, practice 2 column notes while watching TED Talk: If Superpowers were Real: Invisibility

  • W/Th- SEL lesson (Soc. Emotional curriculum)

  • F- Group Island team building activity

Week of Sept 9-13 

  • M/T- Finish Personality Crest (a-day)

  • T/W- Values assessment 

  • Th/F-Social Emotional Lesson

  • HW- None!

Week of Sept 3-6 

  • T/W- Binders due, review note-taking methods, watch Doodle note video, take Time self-quiz

  • Th/F- Collect Time Tracking worksheet, Create Personality Crest

Week of Aug 26-30 

  • M- GC code, Binder Expectations

  • T/W- Create a Social Contract & discuss study habits

  • Th/F- Sign off on Social Contract, introduce Note-taking/types of Notes

  • HW= None

Week of Aug 19-23

  • M/T- Name Cards

  • W/Th- S.L.A.N.T. and Name Game

  • F- Classroom/Social Contract

  • HW= None