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Wednesday, October 16

News 17 hours ago Pre-Algebra:  Since the notes from Lesson 2-6 did not load to Google Classroom yesterday, students were given time...

Tuesday, October 15

News Yesterday Pre-Algebra:  We continued Lesson 2-6 (Connect Proportional Relationships and Slope) with Example 2 on...

Monday, October 14

News 5 days ago There is no school today for the Columbus Day holiday.

Friday, October 11

News 6 days ago Pre-Algebra:  We started Lesson 2-6, Connecting Proportional Relationships and Slope....

Thursday, October 10

News 6 days ago Pre-Algebra:  Students turned in their homework (Fluency Practice for Topic 1)....

Wednesday, October 9

News Oct 9 Pre-Algebra:  Today I needed to get 2nd and 7th hours back on the same page....

Tuesday, October 8

News Oct 9 Pre-Algebra:  Today we started Lesson 2-5, Comparing Proportional Relationships....

Monday, October 7

News Oct 7 Pre-Algebra:  Students continued taking the Topic 2A test....

Cypress Trees

Resources Oct 4 https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/natural-heritage/natural-area-preserves/cypressbridge

Friday, October 4

News Oct 4 Pre-Algebra:  Students continued taking the Topic 2A Test....

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