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Friday, November 15

News 2 days ago Pre-Algebra:  Students were supposed to come to class prepared by already looking over pages 183-184...

Google Arts and Culture

Resources 3 days ago https://artsandculture.google.com/

Thursday, November 14

News 4 days ago Pre-Algebra:  Students finished taking the quiz.  The homework is the Explore It! on page 183 and Example 1 on page 184 (watch the video on your own).  Stud

Wednesday, November 13

News 4 days ago Pre-Algebra:  We started class by going over the answers to the Mid-Topic 3 Checkpoint.  Students took an online quiz over Lessons 3-1, 3-2, 3-3.  Most students will need to finish the quiz tomorrow.  There is no homework. &nbs

Tuesday, November 12

News 5 days ago Pre-Algebra:  The homework from Lesson 3-3 was due today....

U.S. Department of Defense

Resources Nov 8 https://www.defense.gov/

Monday, November 11

News Nov 8 There is no school today in honor of Veterans Day.

Friday, November 8

News Nov 8 Pre-Algebra:  We started today's lesson with Example 2....

Thursday, November 7

News Nov 7 Pre-Algebra:  Lesson 3-2 was due today.  Before students turned it in, they did problems #11 and 12...

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