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Friday, May 31

News Jun 1 U.S. History:  Today students participated in a Civil War gallery walk....

Thursday, May 30

News May 30 U.S. History:  Students read, annotated, and submited one of the Newsela articles that was assigned yesterday.  There is no homework.  Pre-Algebra:  Students finished their final exam today.  There is no homework.

Wednesday, May 29

News May 29 U.S. History:  Students were given class time to read and annotate one of two Newsela articles on Google Classroom...

Tuesday, May 28

News May 28 U.S. History:  Today in class we read a Newsela article titled, "Pro/Con:  Is it time for America...

Monday, May 27

News May 28 There is no school in honor of Memorial Day. https://www.pbs.org/show/national-memorial-day-concert/

Friday, May 24

News May 24 U.S. History:  Students worked on their homework that is due tonight....

Thursday, May 23

News May 23 U.S. History:  We watched the rest of the Civil War video from The Civil War Trust....

2019 Anti-Defamation League (ADL) First Amendment Art and Essay Contest

Resources May 23 https://chicago.adl.org/files/2018/12/2019-Contest-Entry-Form-v3.pdf

Wednesday, May 22

News May 22 U.S. History:  Since the KWL Chart on the Civil War was due last night, we took time to share out many of the...

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