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Thursday, October 17

4 hours ago Pre-Algebra:  Today we started with Example 2.  Students were reminded to pay attention to the concept being demonstrated in the examples.  The homework questions always mirror the examples.  We moved onto Example 3 and the Try it!  Students were asked to try #4 and #5 on page 132 on their own.  We went over those answers then looked ahead to the homework questions.  The notes and homework hints are on Google Classroom. READ MORE

Wednesday, October 16

Yesterday Pre-Algebra:  Since the notes from Lesson 2-6 did not load to Google Classroom yesterday, students were given time in class to finish and ask questions on the homework.  We started Lesson 2-7 (Analyze Linear Equations).  Students read the Explore It! on page 129.  They were instructed to write down what they thought was important.  We went over the problem then looked at Example 1.  There is no homework today. READ MORE

Tuesday, October 15

2 days ago Pre-Algebra:  We continued Lesson 2-6 (Connect Proportional Relationships and Slope) with Example 2 on page 125.  Students learned how to find the slope of a line using coordinates of 2 points on that line.  Students also learned that not all lines have a positive slope.  We moved to Example 3 which emphasized interpreting a slope.  In other words, what does the slope mean in the given situation. READ MORE

Monday, October 14

6 days ago There is no school today for the Columbus Day holiday.

Friday, October 11

6 days ago Pre-Algebra:  We started Lesson 2-6, Connecting Proportional Relationships and Slope.  Students took a few minutes to read and answer the Solve & Discuss It! on page 123 on their own.  Then students shared their thoughts and work with their table.  Finally, we went over the problem as a class.  Next, we read over Example 1.  It is already worked out for the students in their workbooks, but it required some explanation. READ MORE

Thursday, October 10

Oct 10, 2019 Pre-Algebra:  Students turned in their homework (Fluency Practice for Topic 1).  We continued Lesson 2-5 starting with Example 2.  Students are taking notes in a math notebook as we go through the examples.  We went over Example 3, then students did the Try It! at the bottom of page 119.  We went over the Key Concept on Page 120, adding verbal description to the list of representations. READ MORE

Wednesday, October 9

Oct 9, 2019 Pre-Algebra:  Today I needed to get 2nd and 7th hours back on the same page.  We had a fire drill during 2nd hour, so class time was cut short.  7th hour was behind on their notes from yesterday, so they got caught up.  Somehow it all worked out! The homework is Fluency Practice for Topic 1.  We actually started the assignment together during class.  The students had to write the equations on a separate sheet of paper and show their work. READ MORE

Tuesday, October 8

Oct 9, 2019 Pre-Algebra:  Today we started Lesson 2-5, Comparing Proportional Relationships.  Students took a few minutes to read and answer the Solve & Discuss It! on page 117 before turning and talking to a partner about their ideas.  After a few minutes the entire class went over the different ways to compare the data in the problem.  Next, we went over Example 1.  This time the data was represented in two different forms, a table and a line graph. READ MORE

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