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1/19: 6th Grade

News 3 days ago Homework:  States of Matter Handout

1/18: 6th Grade

News 4 days ago Homework:  States of Matter and Changes of State Handout

1/17: 6th Grade

News 5 days ago Homework:  No Homework

1/16: No School

News 5 days ago No School:  Inclement Weather

1/12: 6th Grade

News Jan 12 Homework:  No Homework

1/11: 6th Grade

News Jan 12 Homework:  Gases Around Us

1/10: 6th Grade

News Jan 10 Homework:Physical Changes Picture Notes. Box 1- Definition of physical change, Box 2/3- Draw an example/explain why it is physical change.

1/9: 6th Grade

News Jan 9 Homework:  No Homework

1/8: 6th Grade

News Jan 8 Homework:  Physical Properties Handout

1/5: 6th Grade

News Jan 5 Homework:  Matter Reading Handout

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