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Punctuating Dialogue

Resources Sep 7 Take this quick quiz to see if you remember all those rules for punctuating dialogue.

Capitalization Jeopardy

Resources Sep 4 Play with a partner, or against yourself!

Khan Academy

Resources Aug 31 Remember to use your Google Account to Log In.

Cats or Dogs?

Blog Aug 30 Read page 15 in Scholastic News. Do  you think cats or dogs make better pets? Be sure to tell your reasons, and to explain why.  Before posting, edit your work for spelling, capitalization, and complete sentences.

MVP* Challenge

Blog Aug 29 Do you think Adam Story will accept the MVP* Challenge? Remember, this is a published piece, so make sure you correct your spelling and grammar before you click on the comment button.

Welcome to Fourth Grade, 2018!

News Aug 18 It was great meeting all of you at the Ice Cream Social. It’s going to be a fantastic year in fourth grade!   Some quick reminders before Monday. I will organize all the kids Monday morning. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t have a cert

downloadReading Unit 1, Student Self-Assessment Rubric

Resources Aug 13 Rate Yourself- Character Trait, Character Change, and Part to Whole

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