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Materials for class

These materials need to come everyday to science class: -science notebook -pen or pencil

Chapter 22 Vocabulary--8th grade

News Jan 8 Here are the words that need to be defined on Notebook page 22 1. ion 2. static charge 3. electric force 4. electric field 5. insulator 6. conductor 7. electric discharge 8. electric current 9. circuit

September 11, 2017

News Sep 11 Today we did... 6th grade: read chapter 1, section 1 together to understand the text features of our textbook. 8th grade: Review the parts of the atom with a concept map and diagram (see notebook for examples).  They had homework over the atom.

September 6, 2017

News Sep 6 Today we did.... 6th grade: Learned how to access online grades and the online testing system 8th grade: Took our district Semester 1 pre-assessment. 


Info Aug 22 It is your responsibility to get the class notes if you are absent.  Notes can be found on Mrs. Franklin’s website and can be printed on your own time.  Excused absences are allowed

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