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"Choose a job that you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."

Happy School Year!! This is my 17th year in Springfield Public Schools and my 22nd year in a classroom. I have worked at many different jobs from babysitting to fast food, retail, banking, and selling insurance. It took me 10 years of working full time and raising my daughters to finish my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. My first teaching experience was working in a daycare part time while I worked for Allstate, so that the daycare fees for my 3 year old twins would be reduced. Next, I was a Kindergarden Aide, then a high school aide for a full school year. I liked it so much, I went back to school to become a business teacher, and subbed on the days I didn't have class, and also worked part time in a health insurance claims office. I taught middle school for 2 years and then was hired by District 186. This is truly my dream job,even though I didn't plan for it to be. I didn't know how everything in my life would lead me to teaching. My educational philosopy is that school is practice for work skills, and you learn something from every person you meet. Every class, job, and all the people in your life, will help you figure out your career choice, and I truly believe in the quote above. In my personal life, my husband and I live north of Springfield, in the middle of corn and bean fields, with our two cats. Our 4 adult children are out the world, doing great things. My goal for the year is to get to know each of my students as an individual, and that we learn something from each other in our classes. ~Mrs. Shafer


Info Oct 7 REMINDER:K Parent/Teacher Conferences are Oct. 24 5-8pm and Oct. 25 8am-3:30pm Please click on the link below to schedule a conference in the time slot that you prefer.

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