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2018 - 2019

May 6 - 10

My lesson plans this semester are linked to a spreadsheet here. Please be sure to click the correct tab for your class in the bottom left-hand corner of the spreadsheet.

7th Grade Math:  Students are finishing up Topic 8:  Geometry. The test over this topic will be May 8. Students will finish up with some probability before their FINAL EXAM on May 28.

8th Grade Algebra 2:  Students have moved on to Chapter 9, which involves circles and ellipses. We have several lessons to get through to prepare them for the FINAL EXAM on May 29. Please note that this is the day after they get back from their 8th grade field trip.

7th Grade Algebra 1:  Students have moved on to Chapter 10, which involves problems using the Pythagorean Theorem and simplifying radicals. They will take a quiz over chapters 10 & 12 prior to their FINAL EXAM on May 28.