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Flat Stanley Interactive Google Map

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STAR student

Zoe is . . .

Caring because she always says are you okay when somebody falls.

A thinker because whenever Mrs. Standley asks a question, Zoe quickly uses her mind and answers it.

A thinker because she is smart.

A thinker because she is smart in math.

Kind because she thinks about others.


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IB Unit of Inquiry - Where we are in place and time

Central idea - Exploration leads to discovery.

Lines of Inquiry

- Why people explore our world and beyond

- How exploration and exploration tools have changed over time

- How the observation of space can determine and predict cycles and patterns.

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Class code -DLQK6

Thanks for your Generosity!

News Apr 11 I am humbled and amazed by the generosity of my students and their families....

Field trip Volunteers

News Apr 9 We need lots of parents to help with field trips, especially the trip to Decatur....

Morse Code Messages

Blog Feb 28 First graders made messages using Morse Code.  See if you can translate their messages back to words.

Downtown Field Trip

News Nov 3 We had a amazing field trip to downtown Springfield.  We started at Fire Station #1 where we saw the firefighters...

Community Workers Needed

News Nov 3 We would love to have parents come in and share about their occupations....

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