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Math Masters

Addition: Zoe, Shrihan, Pridhvi, Emily, Ameya, Precieux, Sophia, Divine, Dylan, Layla, Charles, Taraji. Evie


Subtraction: Zoe, Shrihan, Emily, Ameya


Mixed Addition and Subtraction: Zoe, Shrihan, Emily, Ameya

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Math Skills

- fact triangles

- strategies for add/subt.

- centimeters

- missing numbers (algebra)

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Literacy Skills

- contractions

- research skills

 - problem in the story


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IB Unit of Inquiry - How the World Works

central idea

The construction of manmade and nature-made structures is influenced by its design and purpose.


- The purpose and composition of manmade and natural structures

- How a structure’s purpose influences its construction.

- The relationship between the design of a structure and its strength      

            and durability

Downtown Field Trip

News Nov 3 We had a amazing field trip to downtown Springfield.  We started at Fire Station #1 where we saw the firefighters...

Community Workers Needed

News Nov 3 We would love to have parents come in and share about their occupations....

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