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How the World Works

Central idea:

Weather and climate impact our world.

lines of Inquiry:

- How Scientists use weather patterns to make predictions

- An area’s typical weather conditions over time

- How humans impact natural hazard

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Scholastic Book Clubs

Class code -DLQK6


Homework 3 days ago Cloud paragraph ( on Google docs)   Verb packet pages 3 and 4 (due Friday) Math Journal pages 68, 69, 70 Homelink 3.1 The Storm Spotter's


Homework 3 days ago Verb packet pages 1 and 2 Spelling test Friday Math journal page 67


Homework Oct 11 ELA Wordly Wise 3D- due Friday Spelling test Friday Math Journal p. 63-66, Test Friday over Chapter 2 Homelink 2.13


Homework Oct 10 ELA Wordly Wise 3B, 3C- due Friday Spelling test Friday Math Journal p. 62 Homelink 2.12 Lesson 2.12, p 85


Homework Oct 9 ELA Wordly Wise 3a- due Friday Weather words spelling test - Friday Math Homelink 2.11 Chapter 2 test, Friday


Homework Oct 1 ELA - Stone Fox questions 7-10 and Reading Response, Grammar packet pages 1,2 (proper nouns) Math - Journal pages 47, 48; Homelink

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