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Master Facilities Planning Information

"Running Out of Time" Quiz

After reading the book Running Out of Time take this quiz!


Health: Nutrition Quizlet

Economic Quizlet

Use this website to study economics.

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The Heart

Use this site to study the heart!

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Heart Quiz

Use this quiz to study for your Heart Test!

Brainpop & Brainpop Jr.

Animated educational videos

User name: lindsayelem

Password: brainpop

Online Multiplication Quiz (single digit & multi-digit)

Practice makes you better!  Be your best!


After your child completes the Xtra Math Program they will use this website! Feel free to use this as practice at home!

5th Grade Fridge Facts

Info Oct 10 My classroom newsletter is referred to as 5th Grade Fridge Facts (F.F.).  F.F. will come home the first day of the week.  Each week I will update date you on Word Word, Reading,

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