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Pythagoras Magazine Project Information & Guidelines

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Classroom Management Plan 2008/2009

Classroom Management Plan

The classroom Management Plan is posted here. It has extensive information about my class routines, behavior management, and homework. Parents and students, please read over this plan carefully. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Click on the attachment below to review my classroom management Plan


We are getting into more difficult concepts that require the use of a calculator. All students need a scientific calculator for math class.


Instructions for Pythagoras Magazine Project

Pythagoras Magazine Instructions

Instructions for Magazine Project


Possible format for Feature Article #1

Feature Article #1 Help

Here is a way you can format the feature article about Pythagoras. It is an interview type of article and will be acceptable. You just have to find the answers to the questions and put the answers in the interview as if Pythagoras was answering them himself.


Guide for Pythagoras Cover Story

Instructions for Pythagoras Cover Story

Here is a guide for writing your Pythagoras cover story.