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Spirit of Giving

Dec 7, 2010 My students have embraced the Holiday Season and the Spirit of Giving. They have asked to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange on the last day of school before the Holiday Season. If you are a student of mine participating in the Gift Exchange.please answer this question: If I could have any gift under $5, it would be............
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Independent Practice

Sep 14, 2010 More and more I wonder if we, as educators, have taken the independence out of independent practice? Each year, many of my students lack the confidence to work on their own. As I evaluate my style of teaching, I find that I do a lot of guided practice, but rarely give the students an opportunity to work on their own. Are we taking the independence out of independent practice? What are your thoughts?
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Seventh Grade

Jan 27, 2009 List three things you remember about a linear relationship

Wrapping up the Chapter

Dec 15, 2008 Go through your notes and find three things you have learned from Looking For Pythagoras. Then write one or two things that would need more clarification.

Pythagorean Theorem

Dec 10, 2008 In the assignment yesterday, we came up with a two conjectures about triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, what were those conjectures?

Pythagorean Theorem Blog

Dec 2, 2008 Give the definitions of "legs of a right triangle" and the "hypotenuse of a right triangle".


Dec 1, 2008 What were you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Squares and Side Lengths

Nov 26, 2008 How can you use the area of a square to find its side length.

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