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Friday, May 17

News 2 days ago Today we continued our MAP testing. Most students are now finished. Those who are not finished will finish with Mrs. Lott. Publications: We started working on part two of the college project. Weekly calendars were also put into the gradebook.

Thursday, May 16

News 3 days ago MAP Testing today in writing and literature classes. This is our third and final MAP test of the year! I have high...

Wednesday, May 15

News 4 days ago Writing: Students are still working with their partners to complete the outline of their persuasive speech....

Monday, May 13

News 6 days ago Writing: Today students started working on an idea for a persuasive speech....

Friday, May 10

News May 10 Today we read to the end of chapter 18 in "Helen Keller, The Story of My Life"....

Thursday, May 9

News May 9 Today students were responsible for reading chapters 14 & 15 in "Story of My Life" independently. This is on their computer. They also worked on a vocabulary assignment for Helen Keller. Publications: Students worked on Day 2 of the College Unit.

Tuesday, May 7

News May 7 Today we read "Helen Keller" to the end of chapter 10....

Wednesday, May 1

News May 1 I can't believe it is May!!!! We only have 22 days left begore school is out! There are a lot of fun activities...

Tuesday, April 30

News Apr 30 Today students presented their demonstration speeches during both class periods....

Monday, April 28

News Apr 29 1st Hour & 4th Hour: Daily Quick Write; Independent Reading 2nd Hour: Money Moves assignment due at the end of...

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