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2nd Grade Snap Words 2018-2019

First Grading Period:  thought, white, kind, hour, both, open, goes, buy, another, many, tell, front, why, climb believe does

Second Grading Period: people, write, together, eat, read, clean, please, keep, three, play, say, been, only, live, off, through, carry, funny, learn, those, move, black, place, again, great, done, work, light, try, fly, myself, own, show, grown, pull, who, during, busy, never, thank, knew

Third Grading Period: today, eight, these, soon, animal, better, enough, different, new, beautiful, warm, wash, care, ready, important, round, early, instead, picture, full, draw, taught, small, world, guess, laugh, always, fall, once


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