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Black History Month

News Feb 26 Our school studied Black musicians this month. Our class chose The Nicholas Brothers and Cab Calloway. Be sure to check out our YouTube page to watch videos of the kiddos dancing. Our door was decorated as well. I hope you enjoy!


Photos Feb 10 After a lesson about shadows, many of my afternoon students wanted to try to find and make shadows on their own during our center/free choice time.

Classroom makeover!

Photos Feb 10 Thanks to DonorsChoose.org and various donors, I have been gradually making over our classroom. Here a just a few of the items I have been able to get this school year already! More is on the way!

Blubber Experiment

Photos Feb 10 We wanted to learn how polar animals stay warm when they live where it is so cold. We did the blubber experiment to find out. Blubber is like fat on the animals and it helps keep them warm. When we

Are you taller than a penguin?

Photos Feb 10 The tallest species of penguin is the Emperor. It can grow to be 44" tall! We compared our heights to five different species, including the Fairy (the smallest), Gentoo, Adelie, Chinstrap, and


Photos Feb 10 During January, one of our themes was snow. We had fun making 'snow' for our sensory table!

STEM learning in Early Childhood

Photos Feb 10 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) provides a wonderful learning opportunity at all age levels! Thanks to DonorsChoose.org, I have been able to get many different materials for our

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Newsletter Feb 10 February 7, 2018 Newsletter

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