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Word Wall Words Grading Period 2:

who, during, busy, never, thank, knew, today, eight, these, soon, animal, better, enough, different, new, beautiful

New Year, New Goals

Photos Jan 14 We have done a great job so far in 2018.  Students have set goals for the rest of thier time in 2nd grade.  Thier goals are posted in our hallway outside of our room.  We are also do

STEM Activity-Nature Buddy

Photos Jan 14 Our class was able to learn about our 5 senses and the elements of matter to create a nature buddy.  We collected different things from nature and then used different tools to create our

Good Citizen Skyzone

Photos Jan 14 We had a great Good Citizen event for December! Students who did a great job showing Sandburg Good Citizenship were able to go to Sky Zone.  Everyone had a great time!

Holidays Around the World

Photos Jan 14 Before Winter break we spent some time learning about different holidays celebrated by different countries.  We learned about France, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico and the US.

First Grade came for a visit to read!

Photos Jan 14 First grade classes came to our room to show off thier fluent reading.  We did a great job encouraging our first grade friends to read fluently.

Good Citizen Chip Chomp

Photos Oct 22 We celebrated being Good Citizens with a Chip Chomp.  Our whole class was able to participate.  Way to go class!  Let's keep up the great behavior inside and outside of the class

Partner Reading-Discussing Non Fiction Texts

Photos Oct 22 Students have been learning about how to read Non Fiction.  Today we discussed the knoweldge that we have gained during our independent reading time with our reading partners.  

STEM Bin Friday

Photos Oct 22 Students had a great time building a structure with different tools and then writing about how they made it and what they could improve next time.  Students worked with partners and had to col

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