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What to expect at auditions.


Each of you have or will have signed up for a specific time to audition.  You will begin by singing the song of your choice.  If you are trying for one of the principals, you should prepare the piece in the Musical Audition Selections.  If you are trying out for ensemble, any song will do.  Please bring accompaniament piece for the pianist if you are choosing a song not from "Footloose."  After your singing is finished, you will have time for your dance audition.  This is not going to be difficult.  I probably could do it.  After your dance audition is finished, the directing team will determine if we would like to call you back on Thursday, February 1.  At that time, we'll tell you what you need to prepare for the callbacks.  Good luck to each one of you and have fun at auditions.

Character Descriptions

Audition Form

Musical Audition Selections