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Parents, Please Visit Our Classroom.

Parents and guardians are always welcome to visit our classroom and participate in our activities. We hope you can stop by at least once or twice a semester.

Adult family members' direct involvement in a child's education is an important element in being successful in any school. Classroom visits can and do make a difference.

Your Child's Teachers

Mrs. Veronika Young - Early Childhood Teacher

Mrs. Angela Gerberding - Special Education Attendant

Mrs. Grayce Parker- Speech/Language Pathologist

Chicks Hatching and Farm Animals

Photos Mar 26 At the beginning of March we received fertilized eggs from a local farm.  They were placed in an incubator in our classroom.  As a result of 'candling' the eggs, we discovered we

Planting Flowers in the Classroom

Photos Mar 26 On March 9, 2018, in both our AM and PM classes, students planted marigold flower seeds. We discussed things that would help the seeds grow fully into flowers.

Visit from Modern Dental Company

Photos Mar 26 On March 2, 2018, Dr. Brian Hamel, a dentist, his dental assistant and dental hygienist came to Room 180 in the afternoon to speak with our students about dental health. They spoke to the

Highlights of February 2018

Photos Mar 25 During February, we were learning about how to build a snowman, especially focusing on what shapes are needed to accomplish this task. This led to an art project of the whole classroom ma

Highlights of January 2018

Photos Mar 25 The children returned from the Winter Break and seemed excited to begin school again! On days when there was snow on the ground, we were able to bring some of it inside and explore t


Photos Jan 2 We read several stories about the character of a Gingerbread Man.  The children enjoyed hearing the variations of these tales. On December 14, 2017, in both classrooms, we baked and


Photos Jan 2 At the beginning of December, we read a book entitled Pete's A Pizza by William Steig.  This is a book about a boy feelihg sad due to rainy weather; and, he


Photos Jan 2 This month we discussed the idea of families, what they are and how there are many different kinds of families and family members. Around the Thanksgiving theme, we spoke about what we we


Photos Oct 15 During the month of September and early October, one of a main topics was the study of insects. We decided to cover this subject as many of our students observed a variety of bugs during

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