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Lincoln Library

This is another fantastic resource that gives you access to most of Lincoln Library's electronic resources! Go to the website, click on Kids, and have your e-card ready! 

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This is a great resource for students at any grade level to practice their literacy and math skills.

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This is a wonderful resource to help students strengthen their literacy skills.

Word Wall Words

Here are the words we are working on this week: 

a, the, I, go, had, he, and, can, see, has, you, we, my, play, like, of, in, am, at , as, to, have, is, it, went, his, him, did, on, girl, not, come, here, put, how, for, but, up, all, look, with, her, what, was, said, that, because, down, they, some, boy

Important Dates

Thursday, April 26-K-Night for Incoming Kindergarteners (6-7) 

Protecting Our Earth

Photos 3 days ago During Science, Ms. Dani is teaching our kiddos how to keep our Earth clean. One way is to recycle. They played a sorting game to show how objects can be sorted when recycling! 

Movin' Mondays

Photos Apr 9 We kicked off our first day back from Spring Break with Movin' Monday! Every Monday from now until the end of the school year, we will spend time exercising. We started today with a warm-u

Mailing Letters

Photos Mar 23 We have been working hard on writing letters to others to help make the world a better place. Today we went back into our work to make sure our letters were ready to be mailed out! 

Dental Health

Photos Mar 19 Thank you so much to Mrs. Tonya for teaching us all about how to keep our teeth strong and healthy! 

Reading with Feeling

Photos Mar 9 Today we learned that avid readers feel what their characters feel. We worked with a partner to read some of our favorite stories to really feel what the characters feel! 

Shoe Tying

Photos Mar 6 Today during Ms. Dani's lesson, she reviewed how to tie shoes with our kiddos! 

CAUTION: Avid Readers at Work

Photos Mar 6 Today we learned that an avid reader reads A LOT, reads everywhere and everything, and has a pile of books waiting for them to read. There were so many avid readers caught reading today in our

March Reading Logs

News Mar 5 It is so important to read with your child for at least 15 minutes each night! We will start our March reading...

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