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Lincoln Library

This is another fantastic resource that gives you access to most of Lincoln Library's electronic resources! Go to the website, click on Kids, and have your e-card ready! 

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This is a great resource for students at any grade level to practice their literacy and math skills.

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This is a wonderful resource to help students strengthen their literacy skills.

Word Wall Words

Here are the words we are working on this week: 

a, the, I, go, had, he, and, can, see, has, you, we, my, play, like, of, in, am, at , as, to, have, is, it, went, his, him, did, on 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 31- 100th DAY OF KINDERGARTEN 

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Photos 3 days ago This week during Science, Ms. Dani taught the kiddos all about polar bears! They learned all about where they live, what they eat, and how they stay warm in their environment through an experiment.

Friendship Week

Info Jan 5 Next week we will be celebrating Friendship Week! Here is how we will be celebrating :)  MONDAY – GIVE A COMPLIMENT DAY (WEAR GREEN) Spread kindness

Cold Weather is Here!

News Dec 12 As the weather begins to get colder, please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather....

The Making of the Mayflower

Photos Nov 26 After learning all about the First Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and the Indians, we made our own Mayflower ships! 

Writing Partners

Photos Nov 15 This week we learned that we not only write for our teachers to be able to read our work, but we write for our partners to read our work! Our partners are a great tool to help us mak

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