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download Technology Integration and Measuring Motivation in the Social Studies Classroom

Denise Vogt, faculty member at St. Agnes Elementary School in collaboration with Wendy Flach, faculty member of District 186, McClernand Elementary School, both in Springfield, Illinois, conducted a qualitative classroom action research study involving the students at St. Agnes Elementary School to determine if the use of technology motivates students to produce better quality work in the Social Studies classroom.

download Staff and Student Culture in Successful Alternative Schools

Alison Schomburg, Springfield School District 186 teacher, conducted a survey of different staff positions involved with alternative schools to examine what the staff and student culture looks like in successful alternative schools.

download Scaffolding Complex Text in the Elementary Classroom

Alicia Bresnahan and Taunja LaFountain, 4th and 5th grade elementary teachers at Edwin A. Lee Elementary in Springfield, IL, conducted an action research study of 4th grade students and their comprehension of complex text after exposure to select scaffolding strategies, including partner reading, tier two and tier three vocabulary instruction, and technology-based instruction.

download Literacy-Based Science Thematic Units

The following research was conducted by Shelley Stewart (Mentee) and Tatiana Stine (Mentor). We worked collaboratively to create literacy based science units that will engage students and connects literacy with science. Each plan has a specific time frame allowed to complete the units.

download Graphic Organizers: A Resourceful Tool for Learning

Tiffany Childers, Special Education Teacher at Ridgely Elementary conducted a study of the effectiveness of graphic organizers. Different graphic organizers were used with 3rd through 5th grade students during their writing block. Scaffolding was incorporated for this particular study.

download Basic Facts and Algebra I Success

Leslie Sparrow, an eighth grade algebra I teacher at Capital College Preparatory Academy, conducted a study with twenty girls on basic facts knowledge and algebra I success.