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Accessing Board Policy, Rules and Regulations via the Electronic School Board

On January 4, 2010, the Board of Education began conducting all meetings utilizing the Electronic School Board. This paperless meeting organizational system is also where Board Policies, as well as Rules and Regulations are housed. With this in mind, below are instructions for accessing the Board Policy, Rules and Regulations.

Accessing the ESB system:

1. Click on the title of this page. This is a live link to the Electronic School Board (ESB) homepage.

2. In the right hand column of the ESB page, there is a link entitled "Policies and Regs". Click on this link.

3. In the middle of the page is a drop down menu entitled "100 - School District Organization". Click on this drop down box, it is the Table of Contents.

4. Choose which area you are looking for and click on it. It may hesitate briefly but the policies and corresponding numbers will come up on the new page along with any related regulation. The regulations are in a pdf format in the right hand column next to the policy to which they correspond.

For additional information or questions regarding access the ESB, please contact Julie Hammers at 525-4406 or jhammers@springfield.k12.il.us.