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KIDS - The Kindergarten Individual Development Survey

The Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) was created by ISBE and a committee of advisors approximately three years ago. The purpose is to create a statewide kindergarten readiness process. According to ISBE, the goals are to:

-Identify gaps in school readiness
-Provide information to drive more effective classroom instruction
-Support state and local data-driven decision-making on professional development and resource allocation

KIDS can provide teachers with useful information about their students' learning and assist with strategies to close the readiness gaps. Our district began with three teachers piloting KIDS, giving us invaluable feedback. They have been leaders in this work, observing their students and collecting evidence around the indicators on the survey. In the summer of 2013, our Kindergarten teachers had the opportunity to attend training provided by the Illinois State Board of Education. Click on the KIDS banner above and this will take you to the website with the dates of the training. In our district, we phased this in over three years in the same way as our Danielson Framework. Phase I schools were 2013-2014, Phase II schools were 2014-2015, and Phase III schools will be 2015-2016. By 2016, all schools will be mandated to use the KIDS Survey.