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Superintendent's Family Message April 20, 2020

April 21, 2020

In the wake of last week’s announcement regarding closure for the remainder of the year, our high school seniors are top of mind. We want to put our seniors and their families at ease and reassure everyone that our high school and District administrators have been working on plans to observe commencement ceremonies. This milestone is important to us and we’re creatively working around these unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

We know that we also have a number of housekeeping matters to take care of and student belongings remain in our buildings. We are planning for how we will arrange for pick up at each school while still observing social distancing requirements. In addition, we will have a plan in place to return the technology devices that we loaned families during the school closure. We will be communicating about these arrangements soon.

If you haven’t seen this remarkable video making its way around social media yet, please take a moment to watch Springfield High’s 7 & Senators virtual choir performance of “In My Life” https://youtu.be/0aC0AM5uGfE.  It strikes a poignant chord and is a testament to our students’ resilience.