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Family Communication

March 18, 2020

We are committed to providing the most up-to-date information. Please check here for the latest from Superintendent Gill and District 186.

March 17, 2020


  • We will continue to communicate on a daily basis. 
  • Please expect at least one communication each day after Governor Pritzker’s daily press conference scheduled for 2:30 PM.

District Offices

  • District offices are opened on a limited basis. Each office will be staffed in order to answer phones and provide assistance. However, it has been advised to limit to staff as only absolutely necessary.
  • Home Based Learning packets are available at the Administrative Center, 1900 West Monroe, from 9 AM - 2 PM.
  • The IRC is closed.


  • Schools are closed. If something is needed from the building, please email the principal or call the school’s main number and leave a message. The principal will schedule a time for pick up.
  • Principals will be checking in at the buildings each morning.
  • The main school phone number’s voicemails will be forwarded to the principal’s email.
  • Custodial staff will be deep cleaning all buildings this week.

Home-Based Learning

  • It is important that our students are able to stay engaged in learning during this extended closure.
  • Resources are available by grade level at https://www.sps186.org/homebasedlearning/?p=135629
  • Teachers should be communicating with students and families through parent communication apps and websites.
  • InfoSystem Access – Students/families can log home based activities using the student’s log in. If a parent/guardian calls the District office, we will initially direct them to contact the teacher for help with the student’s information. If that is not possible, we will direct them to the principal. We do not have the information and do not know the families. We still want to ensure student privacy.

Special Education / 504

  • There are currently no waivers or flexibility at this time. More information is expected from ISBE this week.
  • IEP meetings will be held as needed through video or phone conferencing. Principals and teachers must be available for these. Case managers and department chairs will be sending notifications of meetings and how to join.
  • 504s remain in effect even if the re-evaluation date is surpassed. The meetings can be held when we return.


  • Students cannot be penalized for not completing activities.
  • MS/HS third quarter report cards will be mailed home in the next couple of days.

High School Classes

  • Dual credit – LLCC is currently working on how this will work with our students. This will be the one exception at this time for homework requirements. We will have more information from them at the end of the week to begin work next week. LLCC has indicated that dual credit teachers and students will have access to Blackboard.
  • Drivers Education – We cannot currently use any at home learning as time towards the 30 hour seat requirement. We will continue to monitor this and determine how to address this. Behind the wheel is not allowed during the closure.


  • ISBE is applying for waivers for state assessments. We have also received word that AASA is working with the federal government for country-wide waivers. We will share more information when received from ISBE.
  • Advanced Placement – College Board is working on this. We will share more information when received.

Extra-curricular / Athletics

  • All extra-curricular and athletic activities have been canceled through March 30. 
  • If students practice on their own, please remind them of the importance of social distancing. 
  • Per IESA and IHSA, no practices or games are allowed during the mandated closure.
  • IHSA has stated that while the spring season is temporarily suspended, athletes should not practice or compete with their non-school (club/travel) teams or they will be ineligible for the high school team if and when the suspension is lifted.

Compensation / Financial Security

  • District 186 will continue to maintain salary and benefits for staff through March 30.
  • Certified staff - Act of God days count toward TRS service.
  • FMLA – ISBE is seeking answers from state and federal authorities regarding individuals currently on FMLA. We will share more information as received.
  • We will communicate plans with specific employees or employee groups as needed.

Staff Travel during spring break

  • In addition to continuing to follow all CDC recommendations and preventative measures, please refer to CDC travel advisories.

School Calendar

  • Monday, March 16, was a teacher institute day. March 17-March 30 are Act of God days. 
  • No days have to be made up at this point.
  • Spring break has not been changed.
  • The last day for traditional calendar is May 27. The last day for balanced calendar is June 3.

Student Food Service

  • Grab and go meals will be provided for all students and children under 18. 

  • Schools will not be open.

  • Beginning Tuesday, March 17, breakfast and lunch can be picked up from 8:30 AM to 10 AM at the following locations:

    • Lanphier High School - Behind school in east parking lot
    • Southeast High School - West parking lot behind the school 
    • Springfield High School - Commons parking lot at Washington & Parker
    • Franklin Middle School - Behind the school in the west driveway
  • Beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020, in addition to the sites above, meals will be distributed from First Student Buses in these locations:
    • Jefferson Middle School
    • Washington Middle School
    • Feitshans Elementary School 
    • Ridgely Elementary School
    • Wilcox Elementary School 
    • The Pinewood Apartment Complex Office, 1665 Seven Pines Rd, Springfield, IL 62704
    • Antonio's Pizza, 2701 W Lawrence Ave, Springfield, IL 62704 (In the north parking lot)
    • Parking lot of Lutheran Church Office, 1850 N Grand Ave W, Springfield, IL 62702


  • SCOPE fees will not be charged during the closure.

COVID 19 Questions

  • If you are experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms, please do not go to the emergency room. First call your primary care provider. If you do not have a physician, call the Sangamon County Department of Public Health hotline at 217-321-2606.
  • Sangamon County Department of Public Health COVID Hotline – 217-321-2606

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Information https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html